Victoria Nguyen

Interior Designer, Proprietor
Sound of Home

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My name is Victoria Nguyen and I live in Redondo Beach, California. I have worked for a few business corporations and education institutions, lived in different parts of the world, and tried various hobbies. The things which stay are the love for my family, reading, writing, art, and interior design.

In addition to my Master of Business Administration (Washington State University), I took professional training to be an interior designer (Rhodec International, LEED РLeadership in Energy and Environmental Design). Traveling the world helps me develop an eye for design. Now I am doing what I love to do. I started by building my own houses and furnishing my own rentals. I learn from working on different types of projects. I build a network of experienced local architects and contractors who help bring off my designs. Years of training and experience in business consulting, customer service, and project management also help me deliver exceptional results to my clients.

I hope Sound of Home, where I share ideas and provide assistance on interior design, brings positive energy and beautiful interiors.