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It is so easy to lose individual character nowadays. There is so much noise: “Reality” stars, Instagram influencers, YouTube personalities, Twitter hashtags, etc. A variety of options, opinions, and images are designed to attract us and get us involved. Not all of them are irrelevant or misleading. They are just overwhelming.

I currently have a couple of projects in which the clients want me to fix uncharacteristic interiors filled with trendy unused items promoted by social media. It may be appealing to us to bring a beautiful Pinterest image to life right in our living room, but we soon realize that we are living in someone else’s home. A strictly mid-century modern design hardly accommodates new mix-matched add-ons from everyday life. Tons of boho planters with dying plants are hard to keep up with. White linen couches and curtains are not made for young children.

A house is to live in. It shouldn’t be too stylish or precious to prevent us from enjoying it. We should feel comfortable in and be inspired by our own home. That is the type of luxury which we should embrace. I have a client who wants daybeds instead of sofas in her living room. Why not? One client wants to refurbish a 4-person office workstation in his open-plan family room so the family can work, study, and play games together. Why not? Another client wants old folding theater chairs in his hallway. Why not?

Let’s inject our personality into our house interiors. The ideas should be there already. A simple brainstorming session would help. Interiors should be designed for those who live in it.

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