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Wow factor

By October 26, 2018 October 28th, 2018 No Comments

Most of my clients tell me that they want a “wow factor”. I guess it is something that we hear very frequently on HGTV! My immediate response usually is: “Who do you want to impress?” It is an important question because the answer to the question decides the design. A house used to entertain will be designed differently from a personal retreat. Knowing the answer also helps make decisions and allocate budget, e.g. whether to invest in a reading chair or a twelve-seat dinning table, or whether to skimp on the material and splurge on the decor.

Many of my clients agree with me that they learn a great deal about themselves and the way they interact with interior spaces through the renovation/redesign process. People realize that they feel more comfortable with certain colors and textures. They also understand that who is actually the protagonist in their own house. In many cases, it is the dog or the child. In other cases, it is the opinionated sister who does not live there or a friend who has an amazing house.

Anyway, we all want a beautiful and comfortable home where we can indulge ourselves and impress others. In order to have that, let’s ask another question: “What makes us happy the most?”

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